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Month: June 2019

The Termination Conversation

Any person who has been through the task of terminating the employment of another person will tell you – it’s HARD. Well, I should qualify that. It SHOULD be hard. If you’re in a position that puts you in charge of someone else’s livelihood, and you don’t take that responsibility…
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Interview Pitfalls to Avoid

At a certain point, every business owner will have to interview potential staff. We all begin as novices at this task and will inevitably make mistakes. An interview is not only the candidate’s opportunity to make a first impression on you but is also the first impression that your business…
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3 Tips for Better Performance Evaluations

When asked their opinion about employee evaluations, many leaders will first cringe and second say they don’t find them useful. This has led to many companies adopting a new philosophy regarding performance evaluations; ditching the old formal review for mini feedback sessions or real-time performance conversations. I don’t recommend this…
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